About Me


The reason I do what I do. Family & freedom. Freedom to spend quality time with my wife of 18 years and my 4 beautiful children. They are my why.

 I have core values not only for my business but for myself. I hold myself to the highest standard possible. I make sure I lead by example by taking action. I wouldn’t tell anyone to do anything I haven’t done myself. I'm consistently humbled by surrounding myself with people who are better than me and who have the things that I want. That helps me push myself to be more and more disciplined in chasing my goals by setting new ones as soon as I achieve one. Lastly, once you get to know me you’ll realize I keep it REAL. I’m always going to tell you how it is because sugarcoating stuff doesn’t help me or you.

I've been in the fitness industry for 23 years and quit my 6 figure job as the GM of sales for a franchised gym back in 2014 and took the huge risk of pursuing business/entrepreneurship. After losing everything I started my business with only $300 and scaled it to over 8 figures of revenue.

If I could offer you any advice, I’d say make sure no matter what you do, you take action constantly. Balance that with humility and always be willing to learn new things. No matter how much you know you don’t know it all and you can always learn something new.

 If you’re content with where you are, keep going, keep you head down, & grind. If you’re having trouble, you’re running into roadblocks, or are just looking for general advice and mentorship on business, fitness, or mindset click HERE to get in touch with me.